Curriculum Vitae


Degree in Physics. University of Granada. 2004
Masters in Renewable Energy. Institute for Ecological Research of Malaga. 2006


  • PhD student / Predoctoral contract. CSIC. Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía.
    July 2014 - present
    Work description: SOLAUT contract for the project “The Fingerprint of a Galactic Nucleus: A Multi-Wavelength, High-Angular Resolution, Near-Infrared Study of the Centre of the Milky Way".
  • Monitor of astronomy. Parque de las Ciencias (Granada).
    February 2014 - June 2014
    Duties: Monitor of Planetarium, workshops teach physics and astronomy.
  • Project Manager. Asociación cívica ambientalista SUSTENTA.
    February 2013 - September 2013
    Duties: Manager of “Renewable by the Sahara” Project: design and installation of wind turbines for irrigation of gardens adapted to the conditions of the refugee camps in the Sahara.
  • Researcher / Department of research, development and innovation. Assyce Fotovoltaica S.L.
    September 2007 - June 2012
    • - PV systems modelling: management and development of modelling PV arrays project. Assembling field test. Collaboration with the University of Jaén.
    • - Real analysis of photovoltaic projects to study their viability: 3D simulations trackers and fixed installations.
    • - Control of PV systems: production analysis. Analysis of large amount of data. Audit installations. Integration and analysis of data from different sources. Search defects. Reduce costs, optimise resources.
    • - Maintenance department: field measurements with PVPM, pyrometers, temperature sensors. Reports PV plant performance, programme design for engineers using department.
    • - Teaching courses for company formation: PVsyst course, “Estimation Energy” course, “Photovoltaic grid connection projects” course.
  • Project Engineer / Technical office. Andaluza de sistemas y control energético S.L.
    October 2006 - September 2007
    • - Processing of Photovoltaic Projects in roof and floor: REPE, Points of Connection, Building Permits.
    • - Offers of isolated Photovoltaic Plants and connected to grid nationally and internationally. Studies profitability.
    • - Design of Photovoltaic Projects in roof and floor: design, wiring, production, shadow studies.
    • - Visitor guide to photovoltaic installations of the company.
  • Teacher. Academia Universitaria Platón en Granada.
    October 2004-February 2005
    Duties: Teaching University Courses: Electromagnetic Fields, Fundamentals of Physical for Engineering, Physical Foundations of Computing.
  • Teacher. Academia Fórmula en Llerena (Badajoz).
    Summer 2003, 2004 and 2005.
    Duties: Courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.
  • Monitor of astronomy. ONG AMUS (Badajoz).
    June 2000 to September 2004.
    Duties: Management and development of the course "Night Out": contemplation and interpretation of the sky, watching the moon and planets, mythological history, origin of names of stars and constellations.


CSIC. Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía.
Title of the project: “The Fingerprint of a Galactic Nucleus: A Multi-Wavelength, High- Angular Resolution, Near-Infrared Study of the Centre of the Milky Way”

Department of research, development and innovation. ASSYCE FV S.L.
Title of the project: “Modelling PV arrays project for detection of defective modules by monitoring system”.
Title of the project: “Modelling of photovoltaic arrays project based on neural networks” en colaboración con la Universidad de Jaén. “Convenio Marco” of collaboration.


ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics Workshop. ESAC, Madrid. October 2016
ICCUB School Machine Learning and Data Mining in Physics. Institute of Cosmos Sciences, Barcelona. October 2016
Astrostatistics & Data Mining School. CSIC. April 2016
Creation of websites with Drupal 7. Initial level. CSIC. April 2016
Asterics VO School. Centro de Astrobiología (Madrid). December 2015
Associated Infrastructure Power Photovoltaic Installations. Technological Institute of Energy (ITE). September 2010
Lightning and excess voltage protection for photovoltaic systems. Dehn (Sevilla). May  2010
Central Inverters Photovoltaic Projects. Belectric. Kolitzheim (Alemania). November 2009
Overhead and underground lines for the transmission and distribution of electricity in high voltage. Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation (Granada). May 2009
Galactic Astrophysics. International University of Andalusia. Baeza (Jaén). September 2002
Music studios Plan 66. School of music in Montijo (Badajoz). Music theory, piano, harmony, and coral

English courses:

English presentations (intermediate and advanced). Euroformac. October 2016
Writing on line (intermediate and advanced). Euroformac. April / May 2016
Scientific workshop competence in English-Advanced. Euroformac. May / June 2015
English University. Languages Institute (Sevilla University).1999 / 2000.
Summer Educational Courses. Ireland. Summer 1998. Grant from the Ministry of Education.