Optical interferometry image reconstruction contest VIII

Mérand, Antoine; Alberdi, Antxon; Kluska, Jacques; Tallon-Bosc, Isabelle; Tallon, Michel; Thiébaut, Éric; Sánchez-Bermudez, Joel; Schödel, Rainer; Soulez, Ferréol; Young, John

July, 2018

We report on the VIII edition of the imaging reconstruction contest held in the optical/infrared interferometry community. This edition sported a VLTI+CHARA dataset of a simulated image of a star surrounded by a proto-planetary disk hosting a planet. 5 teams responded to the challenge and produced images very close the original image, showing the maturity of image reconstruction techniques for a well sampled u,v coverage. The contest was organised by the first author of this article, whereas the following authors provided entries to the contest.